Development history

1991 Bung established the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Recruiting a class of engineering and management (Japanese)

1992 Feng Zhun renamed Industrial Engineering Division, by (day) two special classes

1993 (day) two additional special classes

1996 set up the Department of Engineering Engineering Management Section II (two special department)

1998 Subtraction Department of Engineering Engineering Management Division a (second department)

1999 Bengzhun renamed the Department of Industrial Engineering, additional (day) two technology class, (day) two junior reduced a class

2000 Bengzhun renamed the Department of Industrial Management, recruiting a class of Industrial Management Department (II technology),

           Recruiting College of Industrial Management class (two technical manager classes),

           Stop recruit Department of Industrial Engineering Management Division (2)

2001 (day) two technology to another class

2002 additional (day) four skills class, stop strokes (day) two special department

2004 stopped strokes (Japan) Ministry of Technology, stop strokes (Jin) Training Promotion Division two technical manager classes, and then (Japan) four skills class,

           New (Japan) Institute of Industrial Engineering and Management a class

2007 new master's degree in industrial engineering and management in-service classes

2012 Department of one, renamed the Department of Industrial Management and Industrial Engineering and Management Master Class


Teaching spindle

Production and supply chain management, quality management, management

Graduate way out


1. In the domestic well-known enterprises such as Hon Hai, AU Optronics, Shenghua, Silicon Products, Wang Wang and other manufacturing as Health or quality assurance work

2. Managed, planned, purchased or licensed work in Taipei MRT, Dingxin Computer, RT-Mart, Taishin Bank and other service industries

3. Engaged in public office

4. Master's class at home and abroad